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Veterans Moving Service in Phoenix Arizona

Veterans Moving Service in Phoenix Arizona

Veterans Moving Service in Phoenix Arizona Veterans Moving Service in Phoenix Arizona Veterans Moving Service in Phoenix Arizona

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Veterans Moving Service

Veterans Moving Service in Phoenix Arizona

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To arrange movers, please contact us at your convenience.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

Veterans Moving Service

2917 W. Grandview Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85053, United States

(480) 440-6300

Service Area and Hours

Phoenix and surrounding valley.

Monday       9am - 11pm

Tuesday       9am - 11pm

Wednesday 9am - 11pm

Thursday      9am - 11pm

Friday           9am - 11pm

Saturday      9am - 11pm

Sunday               Closed

Closed most holidays. Please inquire about availability during the holidays.


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None at the moment


Nichole Franks

These guys were FANTASTIC! Arrived on  time, got right to work, and were VERY professional. They get an A++  from me. Would definitely recommend using them for your moving needs!


Francisco Tess

Awesome service! The guys were very  professional and quick. Arrived on time and completed the service within  the time frame. Would totally recommend to anybody.


Sarah Woolery

Tommy and his buddy were fantastic. He  even called me to help recommend better equipment that was the same  price and made the move so much easier for everyone. Solid operation and  zero stress! A+++++


Steven Davis 

They were efficient in their work and  completed it on time. They brought their own equipment as well.   

Craig Jordan 

On time, very helpful and pleasant. Would recommend  


Showed up early and was excellent all around! 

Cale Ottens 

The movers were very accommodating to my schedule.

Andrew Weber

Excellent job, perfect timing

Dominic Quattrocchi

The service was the best I have had in many yrs of hiring movers. U guys Rock the moving world...!! ~DQ~   

Belinda Hernandez 

The  veterans at work excellent people compassionate consider it very  professional and I will use them again in 2 months they need 10 Stars 

Mohanji Nigam

Amazing service. Tony and David were right on time and did an excellent job. Keep it up guys.  

Dilcia Kammermeyer 

Thank you very much. Quick service and flexible.

Jeanie Gilmore

My 14  year old daughter and I were moving from a 3rd floor apt to a 2nd floor  condo, these guys were amazing I have a 70in TV among a ton of other  things they were fast courteous and very careful

Todd Probasco

Very  professional and careful with our belongings. On the day of our move it  was 96 degrees. These guys worked non stop to ensure the work was  completed within the allotted time. i will use them again

Jasmine Payne

They made moving so easy and painless! If you need movers, definitely choose them. 

Pamela Saunders 

Excellent and on time !! I couldn't have done it without them.

Kristine Hernandez 

The  movers were prompt and set to work right away and didn't rest until the  job was done. They were very skilled and efficient with their packing. I  couldn't be happier and highly recommend them.

Christine Durkin

Veterans Movers were excellent, very reliable.  Made it easy for me.  They  arrived early and had me all packed up in a couple of hours

DeLynn Johnston

The guys were great, very helpful and they worked hard.

Mohammed Alani 

They were great and quick


I ended up needing them again the next day and they came through for me. 

Dawn Anderson

They worked non-stop and had their own blankets, dollies and plastic wrap. I would recommend them to anyone needing help.

Clay Bousema 

They were on time, friendly & extremely helpful! We would definitely use your service again in the future. 

Shannon Wigon

Tony was so helpful. I could not maneuver my 20 foot  uhaul on my own around the tight storage area and he was willing and  very able to do it for me. They worked quickly and efficiently, very  friendly. 

Antoinette Gray 

They were on time and very professional. In addition,  they were able to fit all my belongs inside of my one Ubox container.  Thank you Veterans Movers! 

Rajesh Sagire

They were kind enough to accommodate my last minute booking. Did arrive on time and completed move within set time frame.  

Melissa Jodis 

Showed up on time and did a great job. Fixed my amateur loading for me :)

Jim Lamb

Two  movers showed up 5 minutes early, they were very curtious, and careful  with my belongings. Even had their own hand trucks. Great job!

Stephen Kelleher

Overall happy with the service. Will use again. 

Morgan Hunter

Excellent  help! They showed up on VERY short notice, worked quickly and  efficiently, and stuffed that truck! I am a U-Haul employee, and will  certainly recommend them to anyone in need of moving help

Jack White

If you  want speed, quality, and experience, this is your AZ Mover. I waited  till I got to Ohio. They got everything in 4 U-Boxes, not a thing was  broke or scratched, and every U-Box was packed full. 

Susanne Leckband 

Our  movers were very responsive and great to work with.  There is nothing  normal about moves with our family.  I would be very happy to work with  them again and highly recommend them to others.  

Kristopher McAndrews  

The best movers in the valley

Jason Nagle 

Great guys...very hard working and eager to get to work. Very efficient. 

Nancy Markham

I would  highly recommend Veterans Tony and his helper were amazing, they went  above and beyond. I can't thank both of you enough. AAAAAA+++++++++ Excellent hard fast workers that get the job done. 

Veterans Moving Service FAQs

Do we need to use moving pads/blankets? 

Yes. We cannot safely protect your belongings without them. It does not take much movement of unprotected items to rub off varnish, scratch or tear items.

Can we use blankets, sheets and towels?

NO. It is NOT recommended because some are to thin to protect properly and some are to thick. These coverings come in all sizes and cost you more money in the long run as movers are searching for the right size blanket to cover your items. This adds to your move time and costs you more hourly. 

Does Veterans Moving Service provide moving pads/blankets for our move?

We do provide them for Free on local in town moves only.

Do you provide the equipment for my move?

Yes. We provide hand trucks, dollies, shrink wrap, straps and blankets(local moves only) for FREE.

Do we need to empty our dressers for the movers?

Yes. Many movers have had several hernia operations. It is important that you make furniture as light as possible for them especially when stairs or a long walk is involved. Some dressers are not sturdy enough to be transported full and movers cannot stack full dressers when needed.

Should we disassemble some furniture for our move?

Yes. We do not assemble and disassemble furniture. We are strictly movers. It is important that you disassemble, beds, entertainment centers, wall units, desks and unbolt the legs from dining room tables. This makes it easier to get out of your home without damage and saves you valuable time and money on your move.

Should we disconnect our appliances before your arrival?

Yes. All washer/driers, freezers and fridges. Some are connected to gas and water which can be a liability to us if the water or gas does not shut off. Disconnect all hoses, plugs and tubes which will save time and make your move go quickly.

Can we have some boxes and tubs open?

It is NOT recommended, because we cannot stack open boxes easily and items can fall out and break when they are being moved. Closing all containers will make your move go quicker and saves you money,

Do you move Grand, Baby Grand or Upright Pianos?

Yes, we do move Upright Pianos, NOT up flights of stairs. We DO NOT move Grand or Baby Grand Pianos at all.

Do you move safes? 

Yes we move small gun safes. We DO NOT move large safes.

Do you move shop equipment?

No. We do not move industrial shop equipment, because it has caused injury to our employees and is very dirty and/or greasy. This makes the movers and their clothes to grimy to enter their next customers home to perform a move.

Do you move taxidermied Animals?

Yes. Only if the customer has them crated or boxed properly.

Do you load or unload personal vehicles or trailers?

No. We cannot, because if we damage the vehicle or trailer in any way, we can be liable.